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My basketball background means I understand exactly what it takes to get a slam dunk on the fitness front. This, alongside my Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach qualifications puts me in the ideal position to help you achieve your fitness goals. Whatever your lifestyle, my services will fit around you either from my base at Pure Gym in Epsom, or from a location of your choosing. Together, we can ensure that you stop making excuses, and embrace your best fitness self at last.

?Certified Personal trainer
?Strenght and condition coach
?Boxing coach

?Nutrition and diet coach
?1-2-1 PT
?Body transformation service

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Weight Loss - Personal Trainer - Epsom

Fat Loss Training

Too many fitness programs cut down the middle of fat loss with high-intensity solutions that fail to reap lasting results. Instead, my fat loss programs grow with you, catering for long-lasting results through strength training, bodybuilding, and tailored food plans that complement, and adjust, with your ultimate training goals.

Strength Training - Personal Trainer - Epsom

Strength Training

Strength and resilience training methods like weightlifting and callisthenics play a fundamental fitness role, building endurance, muscles, and self-belief. 1-to-1 personal training is the best way to achieve those goals, ensuring fortnightly strength assessments that enable you to tailor fitness plans and understand small gains as they happen, keeping your eye very much on the prize.

Boxfit - Personal Trainer Epsom

Box Fit

Boxing exercise is fantastic for fitness, mental wellbeing, and defence. 1-to-1 training opens you to these plus points and more, providing you with the motivation, knowledge, and equipment that need to box safely. With an overall focus on balance, flexibility, and musculoskeletal fitness, you can guarantee a training plan that sees you running circles around that ring at last.